updated 2014/01/03



New:  automation for automotive industry

Roughing robot

PU releasing agent robots


digitizer for offline operations

Automatic air filter trimming


robot for applying releasing agent


Automatic trimming air panel filters


Pu soles demoulding robot


roughing robot  island

robot for demoulding pu soles


Conveyor tracking realasing agent application

Automatic application of releasing agent with rotating brush in moulds for air panel filters production


roughing robot on  rotary table

Boot extractor in pvc

Manipulator for extracting pvc boots


Mini line for roughing

Glueing application


Soles transport

 Truck Washing


robot for trucks washing


solution n.1

solution n.2 high productivity

robot for glueing application

software integrated with IT systems based on rf-id technology

transport system for pu soles




Next exhibition:
Chennay IILF (India)
1 - 3 February 2014